February 22, 2010

XNA and Silverlight Development to be Offered by Windows 7 Phone

At the Mobile World Congress event a week ago, Microsoft had announced the release of the Windows 7 Phone. The software giant did not divulge any details on what this new platform would hold in store for developers. Microsoft’s MIX event to be held in Las Vegas in March will reveal more details on this release, says Microsoft. However, some information and indications on WinPhone 7 development have already become known in. One of the most important revelation is that app developers will be able to write apps in two frameworks; XNA gaming platform being one, and Silverlight the other.

Microsoft Expression Blend and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 will be the major tools for app development for Windows phones. Microsoft says that partner applications for the Windows Phone will be able to access a limited set of native API’s as well as an extensive set of managed API’s. The WinPhone 7 ecosystem has been designed to support the Cloud world where PC, TV, and Phone, all three user platforms come together. Cloud computing integrates information and as users move from one device to the other access becomes easy. Thus, a common platform for development would also make app development for all device types easier.


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