April 19, 2010

Will the Apple iAd Overpower Google?

In a recent announcement Apple has announced that its newer version of the iPhone (which is yet to make its debut) would include the updated 4.0 OS software (which allows ads to run on apps).

In a recently conducted market survey, a large percentage of people (78.3%) agreed that the iAd would lower Google’s rankings in the mobile ad market.

Being a dominant market leader, Google is presently facing arguments from the Federal Trade Commission over the ownership of AdMob. But it is believed that with Apple’s entry, Google can earn the approval easily. Google has around 10% stake in the mobile ad market, and Apple has just 7%.

While Google has declared its belief in open platforms, it is encouraging everybody else to do the same. While it is a known fact that Apple’s platform is more controlled

It is predicted that Google’s Android might eventually triple its sales and equal the number of iPhones.

Further details can be obtained by clicking here.

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