February 20, 2010

Will Cloud Computing Herald the Second Coming of Cisco?

The networking platform is being betted upon heavily by Cisco. In the earlier phase of the Internet, somewhere in the late 1990’s, massive benefits were enjoyed by Cisco as the Internet was powered by its gear and the company was rewarded by the market for its leadership. The next version of the Internet seems to be cloud computing. Cisco’s performance shows a huge spurt in stock price as the Internet gradually rose to the peak point. The company is now moving further to the most happening area which is mobile computing.

In December 2009 Cisco announced that it acquired Starent Networks for more than $1 billion. Starent-Cisco holds is at a key leadership position as it delivers end-to-end mobile multimedia architecture for the packet core of mobile operators. Mobile operations with virtualization is what the future of cloud computing is going to hold. With close completion and cooperation taking a toll, Cisco and HP are now parting ways. So there seems to be a challenger for Cisco’s dominance. So will Cisco have another chance at outperforming the rest as a prevalent vendor?

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