April 23, 2010

Will Apple Rule The Carrier Market?

Recently AT&T declared the results for the first financial quarter of 2010. It also stated that the carrier itself has activated about 2.7 million iPhones, which is down from last quarter’s 3.1 million figure. According to Apple, there has been an increase of about 15,000 units in comparison to the previous quarter.

The results bearing testimony to the iPhone’s international growth, is also an indication of the AT&T’s decreasing overall growth.

This downward slope for AT&T is likely to put pressure on Apple for extending their distribution to extra carriers in the U.S.A, alongwith Verizon, the market leader on the current carrier network.

In the recently held earnings conference call, it was decided that the United Stated, Spain and Germany would continue as the three major markets, offering the iPhone’s exclusive carrier relationships.

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