May 07, 2010

Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Business

WordPress is one of the preferred options for blogging and developing websites because of its quick installation procedure, ease of usage, and free access. According to recent stats, WordPress is the most popular blogging software being used, with nearly 2.5% of 10,000 of the biggest websites in the U.S using it. WordPress was originally designed as a platform for blogging, but it is also useful as a content management system. The following are some reasons you should use WordPress for your business:

It is free: is an example of one of the few businesses that have profited by offering their services for free. The only cost incurred would be price of hosting your website.

It is open source: Open source refers to the technology that powers WordPress, which is transparent. So you can use new themes and plug-ins that are developed for WordPress users or create your own ones and share them.

It can be used for different purposes: WordPress can be used as a platform for complete Website content management and creation, or simply for blogging.

It is optimized for SEO: WordPress has in-built SEO benefits; sites that use WordPress rank better in search engines.

It is easy to update: While WordPress is both free and easy to install, it also sets up software faster. You can easily update your content or create new pages, even if do not know HTML.

It has many extensions: WordPress developers create free themes, plug-ins and widgets that can be accessed by WordPress users. You can add new features to your site without a web developer’s services.

It installs in one-click: Many hosting providers provide quick access of WordPress, making it more convenient.

It allows multiple users: Multiple people in your company can access WordPress and you can set permission levels for each user, thereby maintaining the security of your Website.

An important point to be remembered is that while WordPress does make it easier to build a Website or a blog, it is not a complete solution for developing your Website. In the end, it is about choosing the right tool for your site.

To read more on why you should use WordPress for your business, click here.

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