Why You Should Use Drupal Services for Hassle Free Launching of Websites

April 07, 2011

Why You Should Use Drupal Services for Hassle Free Launching of Websites

Have you considered launching a website using Drupal platform, but reconsidered when you thought of the hassles involved? You would be forgiven for thinking so even a year back, when launching a website with Drupal CMS involved hours of coding and optimization of the same. And that was just the start – we haven’t even started talking about the tedious task of code optimization, implementation of necessary features, and rechecking for bugs at every step.

The situation has changed radically since then. Now, you have Drupal services offered by various companies out there, which can take the hassle out of the development and launch of a website. Here’s a heads up on a few of the services:

Drupal migration

Do you have a website hosted using WordPress and wish to migrate it to Drupal CMS? Getting this done in-house would translate to investment of substantial amount of human resources, but now, you can easily get this done through a third party service provider, saving a ton of cash in the process.

Drupal Software as a Service (SaaS)

There are several third party organizations out there offering this service, and at reasonable rates. Using SaaS allows you to design the entire website from scratch, without requiring much knowledge about PHP or Drupal modules. However, if you wish to implement advanced features like animated photo galleries, ecommerce modules, or customized navigation menus, you would still require experienced PHP coders.

A good example of an organization offering such service would be Acquia. Drupal SaaS is something they have started offering only a few months back, but have already gotten over 40,000 users. If nothing else, this proves the popularity of the service, beyond doubt.

Drupal Hosting

Drupal hosting services would be the perfect choice if you have developed the website using the same CMS. This would ensure compatibility of the code with the security features of the platform. Besides, Drupal has been built using the highly secure PHP language, and thus high resistance against unauthorized intrusions is an automatic bonus.

All in all, Drupal services have greatly simplified development and hosting of a website, freeing up in-house resources for companies and offering huge savings as well. If you always wished to have your website secured against hackers, along with great performance on a wide range of browsers, there simply isn’t a better option available anywhere.

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