May 08, 2010

Why You Should Use Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is nothing but IT-as-a-Service. You can use a third party server to host databases or programs instead of building your own IT infrastructure. Your organization is permitted complete access to its data and applications over the internet. There are numerous reasons why you should use cloud computing:

Cost effective: You pay for what you use. You can save the cost of building your own web infrastructure.

Quick solution: The essence of cloud services is to work out of the box. Cloud computing allows you to skip the hardware implementation and capital expenditure phases. It is a quick solution for start-up entrepreneurs.

Up-to-date: Your IT providers will constantly update their software versions, adding new features as they become available. Thus you are saved from the concern of outdated software and applications.

Suitable for mobile clients: Cloud services are devised to be used from a remote location. Your mobile workforce will be benefited as your employees can have access to your systems on the go.

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