Why Timeline Contests Work

January 05, 2015

Why Timeline Contests Work

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Looking to boost user engagement and drive traffic to your Facebook page without exhausting your social media budget? Running relevant Timeline contests is a great way to ensure your fans stay hooked and the tug-of-war between your social media budget and ROI finally ends.

Here’s why Timeline contests work wonders for brands of all sizes:

Quick and easy to set up – Timeline contests are fairly easy to implement and quick to roll out. The popular contest posts often go viral when fans share them and tag their friends. That way, the page reach can get a major boost within a short span of time.

Cost effective – Timeline contests do not require extensive resources or major social media expenses. They are ideal for start-ups or small brands with time and budget constraints.

Good user experience – It has been noted that some Facebook users are not very comfortable sharing their profile information with Facebook apps and a large number of drop-outs occur when they are prompted to use an app. Also, some fans deny permission when an app proposes to post on their behalf. There is no such concern with a Timeline contest. Fans can participate easily by Liking or commenting on contest posts.

Effective way to engage fans – Timeline contests offer brands plenty of scope to design a fun-filled experience for fans. What’s more, they engage fans directly instead of making them switch to another tab.

Organic growth of fan base – Since Facebook has removed its short-lived rules on running contests directly on the timeline, a lot of brands are now opting for contests to grow their fan base and increase engagement. These usually perform better than Facebook apps and deliver prompt results.

Brand buzz – Unlike app-based campaigns, Timeline contests can be promoted using Facebook ads, in order to increase reach. This generates positive product advocacy and can create a buzz about the brand.

Useful feedback – These contests prompt users to provide feedback on specific aspects of the brand and share what they love about it. For both the brand and the agency handling the contests, these are low-maintenance options that also offer high degree of flexibility.

Timeline contests are here to stay. Pull up your socks, brainstorm with your team and come up with interesting and engaging contests to delight your fans on social media.

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