Why Sitecore 9 = Mind-Blowing Customer Engagement? #Facts

September 21, 2018

Why Sitecore 9 = Mind-Blowing Customer Engagement? #Facts


Keeping customers happy is the key to building brand awareness and loyalty. The new Sitecore 9 enterprise content management system helps you tackle the many challenges of customer engagement.

Entire customer data in one place = Faster data access

Sitecore 9 has a default database where you can store details of every customer. It reduces the time to fetch information. Result? Reduced wait time for customers.

Get better insights into customer behaviour

Sitecore 9 lets you integrate Google analytics tool and track customer activities on your website. This gives you deep insights into customer behaviour. You can leverage this information to customize marketing content and make it more relevant.

Lets you run multiple websites in different domains

Sitecore lets you create, manage and deploy multiple websites for different purposes and running in different domains. You can administer multiple websites in one single Content Management System. It also lets you share the same content across websites.

Uniform user experience across multiple channels

Sitecore 9 database ensures a seamless user experience across multiple marketing channels like websites, emails and apps. In addition, you can use built-in tools for blogs, forums and reviews to link to your social-media business pages.

Marketing automation

Sitecore helps you automate the sequence and context of every customer interaction over any channel, at any time. Sitecore XP tracks and analyzes every customer interaction, and tailors its responses accordingly. So, irrespective of where your customer interacted with you earlier, there’s continuity in tone and context.

To explore the benefits of Sitecore 9 CMS platform for mind-blowing customer engagement, you need a Sitecore certified partner having multiple years of experience. You need Web Spiders. Just drop us a line at hello@webspiders.com and we’ll get in touch with you in no time!

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