Why should Digital Marketers Opt for Sitecore 9 Upgrade?

October 04, 2018

Why should Digital Marketers Opt for Sitecore 9 Upgrade?

Sitecore 9 upgrade

When we talk about Sitecore version 9, we also talk about a Content Management System that encompasses multiple tools to support digital marketing strategies across various channels. The ultimate objective is to offer customized digital experience to individual users. Let us explore the features of Sitecore 9 which make it so lucrative for digital marketers.

1. Experience Management

Sitecore Experience Profile enables digital marketers to gain a complete insight into customers’ interaction and experience with content elements across various channels. It helps marketers to build an elaborate picture of website visitors, find out their requirements and provide services accordingly.

2. Sitecore Forms

Marketers can personalize forms and even get field performance data. They can drag and drop form-fields on form-canvases, type placeholder texts and install tracking and validation tools. Such tools can help marketers find out where the users get stuck. Tools can also calculate time spent on individual field components of forms and help marketers discover the bottlenecks.

3. Marketing Automation

With Sitecore 9, the latest version of marketing automation suite has been introduced. Similar to Sitecore forms, the priority of brand new automation suite is ease of use. Marketers can select color codes of campaigns and label text boxes/fields to offer a better intuitive user experience.

4. Managing Email Campaigns

Sitecore 9 comes along with an upgraded version of email campaign builder tool. Email campaigns can be easily built with the aid of drag and drop facility and accurately divided toolbox sections like ‘Marketing Actions’, ‘Listeners’, ‘Decision Points’ etc. at the right-hand corner of the canvas. With the support of this toolbox, digital marketers can easily convey messages to users, like what users are expected to do.

5. xConnect

Thanks to xConnect, digital marketers can understand user journey across different channels, personalize content accordingly and offer a contextually relevant user experience. xConnect builds bridges among data (content) sources published across different channels and stores data/ information to databases of Sitecore 9.

Whether it is all about Sitecore software integration, upgrade or maintenance services; certified Sitecore partners like Web Spiders can cater to the requirements of Fortune 2000 enterprises and Independent Software Vendors. One can visit our enterprise software company website and furnish contact details and other specifications in the form located on the right-hand side of the footer section. Our representatives will call back at the mentioned hour and proceed further.

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