Why Opting For An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solution Is A Smart Business Decision

November 28, 2011

Why Opting For An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Solution Is A Smart Business Decision

Did you know that in a survey conducted in 2010 by Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), more than 25% participants indicated that they believed proper document management was one of the core necessities for business growth? Or that 60% of participants stated that “content chaos” was something they hoped to overcome by using enterprise content management systems? Indeed, no matter which kind of business you run, you simply cannot do without a centralized document management system in place any more. If you are running a business of developing websites and content for clients, the necessity of having such a system is pretty obvious. However, even if you are running a simple retail business, you need a centralized, secured document repository for keeping all those business documents (such as invoices, petty cash transaction records, and sales/purchase records) that you need to maintain on a regular basis.

Maintaining all those documents properly can be a real nightmare, unless you happen to have an enterprise content management (ECM) system in place. The following are just a few benefits that you are sure to get by opting for such a software:

1. In case your company deals with content development or website development, you can store content centrally on a server, and fetch it as and when required, in order to print, publish or modify it. The content can also be found quickly and in a hassle free manner, thanks to the feature-rich search system incorporated in most ECM software solutions.

2. You can preserve electronic versions of all paper documents that you have to maintain. Almost every ECM solution comes with inbuilt imaging facilities that make such conversions quick and easy. Even employees without any technical knowledge should be able to get it done just fine.

3. By implementing an enterprise content management solution, you can stop the practice of sending large chunks of content to employees via e-mail. This is a common practice among many small sized companies, but in the long run it only leads to poor network performance, as chain-mails keep getting more and more bloated. Can you imagine how long it would take for your company network to transfer a 100+ MB e-mail to 10 or more recipients? With an ECM solution, all you have to do is deposit the files in the centralized repository, and point your employees towards the content. That’s all! Can you imagine how far the stress on your email servers will be reduced in this manner?

No matter what the size of your organization is, it can always benefit from an enterprise content management (ECM) solution. Check out the solutions available by searching on the Internet, and go for the best one you can afford. You should see the difference in employee satisfaction and increased profit margins soon thereafter.

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