April 30, 2010

Why Entrepreneurs Should Focus on Mobile Platforms

The mobile platform is growing, moving the focus away from traditional computers. Entrepreneurs should use this growth to their advantage by using the mobile platform for networking, advertising, deploying a mobile version of their website, or even creating applications for their services. According to the data collected by Morgan Stanley this month on the comparative growth of mobile and desktop Internet usage, mobile usage is growing at an incredible rate. The iPhone and the iPod Touch have approximately 85 million users, while America Online (AOL) and Netscape have only 8 million and 18 million users respectively.

One of the biggest advantages of mobile devices is their ability to ‘move’ around. Location, thanks to several social sites, is now social. Foursquare, Gowalla have already locked horns in the battle to rule the location-based business while Twitter and Facebook are planning to jump into the field as well. Advertising on mobiles, and augmented reality are also popular on mobile devices but there is still room for more possibilities. According to Google, one out of every five searches is related to location.

The explosion of online marketplaces selling apps for mobile devices has created a new kind of online shopping via mobile devices. People seem willing to spend money buying apps they have never tried before. Mobile apps have created a new kind of consumer who is willing to pay for their mobile apps. Mobile apps have also created a mobile app user who will buy and keep more apps for their phone than for their desktop computers. The rapid growth of the mobile sector makes it the perfect place for entrepreneurs to create apps for their services, and advertise about their company.

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