What Lies in the Future of Email Marketing? Discussing the Role of AI

August 17, 2018

What Lies in the Future of Email Marketing? Discussing the Role of AI

Email Marketing

Digital marketers are exploring the benefits of Artificial Intelligence or AI and implementing them to email marketing. The partnership can bring forth beneficial results for the marketing efforts of your company. However, there are many misconceptions about what AI can do.

Many vendors are taking advantage of the lack of awareness and building wrong expectations. For example, AI is not going to introduce robots and replace your marketing tools or teams. Let us make facts clear about what AI can do to email marketing.

Optimize Content
Email content carries a major chunk of responsibility for the success/failure of an email marketing campaign. Traditionally, marketers test a combination of subject lines, body content and images manually which is prone to error and is quite time-consuming. AI helps you learn about the best combination, reduces A/B testing time and allows you to test a wider variety of elements.

Optimize the Sending Time and Automate Frequency
There is no fixed time for checking emails. One cannot make a generalization. Based on individual engagement history, AI can determine the ideal time to send an email which results in maximization of subscriber engagement and conversion rate. Machine-learning technology helps you analyze the habits of a large number of subscribers in the quickest possible time.
The same principle is applied to determine the frequency of follow-up emails. Some subscribers respond more when you send them frequent emails. Others may unsubscribe if you implement the same rule to them.

Automate Promotions
Consumer sentiment is hard to predict and with human agents only, it becomes even harder. Businesses float in the different discount/promotional offers and buyers respond to them differently. AI helps you determine an ideal combination of offers based on the purchase history analysis of a consumer.

With the help of AI, ZOE Email can optimize and automate your email promotional efforts. It is aimed at maximizing the results out of email marketing campaigns and put you ahead of your competitors. To know more, book a free demo with us today.

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