What is AMP and why You need it to Drive ROI

June 14, 2019

What is AMP and why You need it to Drive ROI

As the consumer touchpoints have become increasingly mobile-driven, more and more businesses are battling to captivate the attention of their potential buyers considering their limited attention span.

Pacing up the loading speed of your mobile site should be one of them. Why? According to a recent study by Kissmetrics, even a delay of one-second in page loading can tail off conversion by up to 7 percent.

With AMP, you can take the hassle out of your mobile page performance and keep the users engaged for a much longer time. Before we go any deeper, let’s find out the basics.

What is AMP?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a miniaturized version of HTML configured to amp up the mobile page loading capacity. This is imperative to optimize the user experience and reduce a considerable amount of bounce rates.

Touted to be a collaborative project of Google and Twitter, this web component framework has the ability to drive your ROI due to the following reasons:

  • High visitor retention rate

What’s the use of building a website if the visitors don’t hover around or take action? Higher page rendering speed increases the chances of time spent on the pages by twice as much. No, that doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the visual appeal of your website. With AMP, you can do all of it while experimenting with your product showcasing capabilities using any type of digital content you prefer.

  • More SEO-friendly

Besides the page loading factor, the browsing experience is also important to get in the good books of the search engines. Both are equally important to match the algo of SERP and gain higher rankings in the search engine landscape. In the hotly contested digital ecosystem, you wouldn’t want your potential users swaying towards your competitors and that’s where AMP can save you from the threat.

  • Improved ad-view rates

Many a time, it often becomes challenging to hit the nail on the head of ad campaigns even if you set everything in place. AMP is programmed with all the right codes to accelerate ad viewability rate to reap the much-desired results. You are expected to get higher user-action outcomes up using relevant content in your carousel or click-through campaigns.

  • All-browser compliant

Customization is one of the features any developer would vouch for to build a high-paced mobile page performance. AMP opens up multiple customization options as it can be fed into any type of browser. So next time your visitor opens your page in chrome or an Opera, you will know you are easily visible to them.

When your life runs in the fast lane, why should your mobile site stay behind? If your enterprise mobility management services are yet to integrate AMP, it’s time you explore the possibilities by consulting with the experts. Learn more about enterprise mobility solutions here.


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