What Do Webinars Teach Us?

August 14, 2015

What Do Webinars Teach Us?

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In our experience, most marketers attend at least one webinar a month, while most sign up for even more. After all, webinars are great learning opportunities and usually cost little more than an hour (or less) of the attendee’s time.

That said, even an hour is precious, so how do you ensure you are not wasting yours on a webinar? In other words, what can you expect from truly top notch webinars that provide good value for your time?

A good webinar is one that provides attendees with actionable content backed up by verifiable data. If the webinar provides ideas and tips that can be put to use immediately, it was time well spent. Especially if said suggestions, tips and ideas are backed by studies and data points from verifiable sources.

Also expected from the more useful webinars are at least a few case studies. Strategies and takeaways from real world examples such as these are more valuable, for obvious reasons. It also proves that the webinar is from professionals with industry experience.

Most webinars also have short Q and A sessions, usually at the end. These, if taken proper advantage of, are amazing opportunities to get longstanding questions answered. It’s best to jot down questions as the webinar progresses so that the hosts can tackle them immediately after.

Having both organised and attended a number of webinars, we know what makes a webinar worth the time spent. If you are interested in the latest in digital media and social media marketing, click here to sign up for our latest webinar or go through videos of our past webinars. We promise you it’ll be time well spent.

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