What’s New In Ektron 8.6

August 31, 2012

What's New In Ektron 8.6

The latest version of Ektron’s flagship CMS puts unprecedented freedom in the hands of developers and system integrators as well as general users, no matter what their technical ability. It is a powerful platform that doesn’t come in the way of creativity, but nor does it skimp on depth and control. Here are some of the features Ektron 8.6 brings to the table that have us quite excited.

A more powerful mobile web experience. This includes implementation of adaptive image resizing – a feature that allows users to specify the resolution of an image depending on the size of the screen it is being viewed through. Users can also set specific criteria for image resizing, ensuring an even viewing experience across the board.

Support for FAST Search, the enterprise search technology from Microsoft. FAST Search boasts of features like Profile Ranking, Faceted Searching and Documentation Promotion, coupled with high relevancy in results, to make the system integrator’s work much easier inflatable boxing ring.

Enhanced URL aliasing, which makes it possible to create and implement SEO-friendly URL aliases, improving a website’s search engine rankings.Aliases can be assigned individually as well as generated automatically, based on rules provided by the user.

New Template Server Controls like Content, Menu and Access Point, with support for custom templates in all but the latter.

The above features, coupled with other changes and improvements like an updated eSync, support for 3rd party content editors and search autosuggest make version 8.6 a must-have upgrade.

For a closer look at Ektron 8.6, check out the product page here, or download the brochure here.
To upgrade to Ektron 8.6, and one of our representatives will get back to you immediately.

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