July 15, 2011

Web Spiders Showcases Its Prowess With Two New Websites

In the last fortnight, Web Spiders worked on multiple client projects which were completed successfully.

Web Spiders developed two separate websites for Bharat Consortium Institutes, which happens to be one of the most reputed educational groups in India. Bharat Consortium has 4 different institutions under their banner, viz. Calcutta Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology & AHS, Calcutta Institute of Technology, Bharat Technology, and Bharat Academy. Web Spiders used LAMP technology and created two different websites for  Calcutta Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology & AHS and Calcutta Institute of Technology respectively. Both these sites are based on open source content management system Drupal.

Web Spiders was also given the responsibility to design a brand new website for Crescent Foundry, a renowned  manufacturer of iron and steel products. Crescent Foundry indulges in mass scale productions, with production capacity of 50,000 tons, ranging from ductile and gray iron, to steel fabrication. Moreover, Crescent Foundry’s clientèle spreads across more than 30 nations, the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Kuwait, and Qatar to name a few.

Web Spiders’ objective was to develop a state-of-art web portal which would showcase different products and services provided by the client. While conceptualizing the site layout, Web Spiders’ web designers were able to strike the perfect balance between form and functionality. The website has been widely appreciated for its clutter-free look and user-friendly features. It gives easy access to the most important sections, which are wisely arranged so as to attract immediate attention of the visitors.

While the banner occupies a notable position on the landing page of the website, the remaining space is cleverly used to display different photographs which showcase the sectors where products manufactured by Crescent Foundry are primarily used. Products which are manufactured by the client are showcased in another section, where thumbnails of products have been used to facilitate easy browsing for site visitors.

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