February 17, 2012

Web Spiders Helps A Famed Cancer Care Facility Extend Its Event Guide To The Mobile

In the last fortnight, we helped Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) extend their event guide to the mobile platform. Cancer Care Ontario is a reputed provincial medical organization which works towards improving cancer care services and even acts as the State Govt.’s advisor on cancer related issues. The agency is committed to transform new research into medical innovations, as it strives to offer better clinical services to cancer patients.  Cancer Care Ontario is known to direct almost $700 million public health care funds to nursing homes, hospitals and other cancer care facilities, thus helping them improve the quality of their services. The agency keeps organizing events, conferences and awards programs to create awareness about cancer care and related medical services.

We used our Event2mobile framework to create a mobile event guide for CCO. This was made for both the iPhone and Android platforms. The application included CCO’s event session details, speaker profiles and conference schedules. The mobile guide comes with advanced search features and allows any user to find a specific note or speaker using relevant keywords.

This application supports the mobile web and even provides information related to local weather, polls or surveys taking place in the event, sponsorship advertisements and so on. Being a multi-event solution, the application includes the Event2mobile web admin, which allows CCO to initiate changes and even upload new content before or during the course of their events.

With this done, we once again proved that we are indeed one of the pioneers in mobilizing large scale event solutions!

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