July 15, 2008

Web Spiders - establishing its leadership in Web Content Management

Gartner, the world’s leading analyst firm, has just published its “MarketScope for Web Content Management” report, one of the most influential analyst reports on the Web Content Management market.

MarketScope for Web Content Management - Gartner


Out of 17 CMS software providers evaluated, Gartner has given a “Strong Positive” rating to only 2 companies, Interwoven and Ektron. Interwoven is a worldwide leader specializing in large Fortune 500 Enterprise Content Management solutions, and Ektron is the leading provider of CMS solutions for small or midsize businesses and many educational/ government needs.


According to Gartner, they have rated a vendor as “Strong Positive,” the highest possible rating, only when they have found that:


  • It dominates the market as a whole.
  • Is a default choice for many buyers’ shortlists.
  • Has a strategic direction that’s clear, stable and well-communicated.
  • Has an unquestioned ability to execute on that vision.


Web Spiders is in a unique position of being partners with both these industry leaders. It has been certified as a Gold Partner by Ektron and has recently announced its partnership with Interwoven.


Regarding the outlook for Web Content Management (WCM), the report states that “The prospects for WCM are overwhelmingly positive. A fresh cultural shift now focuses on the myriad possibilities of using the Web as a medium for rich interaction with well-targeted audiences and market segments. The Web is an excellent medium with which to innovate, measure, analyze, and improve.”


Web Spiders has been providing solutions across Enterprise Content Management and Web Content Management for several years. It also deploys Open Source Content Management Systems like Joomla! and Drupal.


The “MarketScope for Web Content Management” report is available on the Gartner website here.


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