April 04, 2009

Web Spiders @ CTIA Wireless 2009 - Day 3

Web Spiders @ CTIA Wireless 2009 - Day 3
Day three of CTIA Wireless 2009 started off with Al Gore’s message of green initiatives in the mobile space. Part of his message was actually a retrospective to the first “wireless” news…  the sinking of the Titanic.

The story goes that David Sarnoff of the NY Herald was receiving “communications” from the rescue ships. He has the news as it happened. Ironically, while watching Jay Leno perform at Mirage, he asked someone in the audience what they did for a living. The man’s response – he is a “wireless engineer”.

Perhaps taking a cue from his CTIA gala performance, he mused that the man should simply be an “engineer”. That “wireless” is pretty much common knowledge and not very impressive, with young kids having mobile phones. The message – wireless is mainstream and very relevant. And Web Spiders is in the thick of the action.

According to Siddharth Jhunjhunwala (CEO, Web Spiders), “If you are a publisher, or have a business application on the Web, mobile represents an excellent opportunity to advance your business.”

We believe that ISVs should seriously consider a mobile strategy. And this message is just as strong for B2C… mobile is where the people are. As Jay said tonight, the word “wireless” is antiquated – because it is mainstream.

Contact Web Spiders today to learn more about adding mobile to your business strategy.

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