Web Spiders – A Sponsor At Drupalcon Again

September 24, 2012

Web Spiders - A Sponsor At Drupalcon Again

Drupalcon, held in Munich this year, was filled with incredible learning, collaboration and a host of great speakers. The overall theme of the event could be summed up in just one word – “Enterprise“. The message was that Drupal in enterprise is moving beyond the traditional small businesses and is surely (but not slowly) moving into the enterprise space. The key Business presentations stressed on this development, with the conclusion being that selling to the enterprise was a key area that people need to learn to do. This is a happy situation for us at Web Spiders, considering we already have experience in taking the CMS to the enterprise, as well as a validation for our faith in Drupal.

In addition to the enterprise, another much-discussed topic was the impact mobile and mobility in the industry. Once again, this is of great interest to us because of our experience in this sector. Web Spiders has been bringing the mobile experience to the enterprise for over five years now, and are certainly excited for the days that lie ahead.

Meanwhile, for business geeks the key sessions were on negotiating sales and contracts for open source projects, a case study from Palantir of a project for Environment America, and one in which the presenters examined how to tackle the talent shortage in Drupal with some lateral thinking.

The message is clear – Drupal has come of age and as such it is important for the companies that attended to recognize that selling to the Enterprise is very different to what they have been used to.

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