Web Apps – Ensuring Interactivity and Richness to Your Websites

February 02, 2011

Web Apps - Ensuring Interactivity and Richness to Your Websites

Are web apps the future for mobile devices?” – is a question that may have been in the minds of almost all web and app developers. It does go without saying that for any smartphone or tablet user the apps are always a very large part of the experience. And, while app stores continue to get more crowded and the number of app downloads keep on increasing – let’s focus on the future prospects of web apps?

Well, web apps may turn out to be a sharp approach for the users, and of course, the companies creating these software applications. But, before we start discussing about the promising future of web apps or rich internet applications, it will be a good idea if we could back up a bit and ponder about their actual definition. Basically, these applications are intricately designed website-defined technologies that take advantage of a WebKit – and, in turn help the developers add richness and interactivity to their websites. Actually, WebKit is an engine for the browser to identify your devices (smartphones, tablets, or whatever you may be using) and work in a similar fashion to a native app. A web app is more like smartphone software that lives on the web instead of being in your device. You must be familiar with the statement – “Mobile computing is extensively a very personal experience“. Then you need to know that web apps are those software applications which make it a lot easier for developers to deliver that experience to the users.

One of the biggest advantages of web apps is that you could be using iPhone, Android, or Blackberry OS and still use these applications. Though, there may be some inherent limitations with web apps; but there are great advantages which can be enjoyed when you are using these application softwares. Some of these are:

  • Can easily serve multiple users
  • Much easier to maintain and comparatively more sustainable
  • Generally platform-independent

To know about the other benefits of using web apps, stay tuned to this blog. And, analyzing all these advantages – it won’t take you much time to understand that these applications are always a better way to approach wireless devices!

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