April 17, 2007

Web 2.0 Conference, the show begins

The O’Reilly Web 2.0 conference opened with excitement in the air, with a reported over 9,000 attendees. Your writer has attended many conferences, and there was genuine excitement in the air today. Web 2.0 is exciting, so this feeling at Moscone (SF) is not entirely unexpected. Tim O’Reilly and Jeff Bezos (Amazon) opened the event with the keynote.

The messages from Tim and Jeff were clear – that web 2.0 is not another “bubble” and that this concept is designed to link people. To empower people. “Something is happening here and it is just starting” Tom O’Reilly

We also felt that Tim’s additional sound byte that Web 2.0 “harnesses collective intelligence” resonates so well. As Web 2.0 is design to allow for social interaction and behavior online.

The keynote opened with an exceptional and powerful video produced by a Kansas City University professor, Michael West. View this Digital Ethnography on YouTube. Click and view this video, it is exceptional.

Web Spiders is an exibitor (booth 341), where Siddharth and your writer were in attendance (watch for pictures of our booth and the exhibitor scene). The doors opened and we have to admit, we were surprised by both the sheer volume of people in attendance.. and the tremendous interest in Web Spiders outsource product development services, featuring RIA and Flex. Please view the demo we are showcasing at this event.

The first day is done, and we will have more valuable and interesting conversations on day #2. We will report on some of the questions and comments we are hearing, plus additional sound bytes from the conference. And if you are reading this blog and are in attendance, please come by and let us know.

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