February 21, 2010

Wave of Innovations Enabled By Adobe AIR on Tablet Devices

Barcelona was the hub of excitement for all those in the field of mobile technology and mobile device lovers all over the world in the past week. The announcement of Adobe AIR and Flash Player 10.1 on the Android platform was among the most popular revelations of the Mobile World Congress. These technologies are running successfully everywhere and not only on the Android. Blackberry can expect to have AIR and Flash Player on its platform pretty soon, so it has been announced.buy outdoor beach volleyball

One of the outstanding applications of AIR on tablet devices is the new magazine reader jointly created by Wired Magazine and Adobe. It has total integration of video content, social media, 3D views, and a mutlitouch user interface. Creation of unique interactive content has been one of the specialties of the creative community that uses Adobe tools for designing and development. We are likely to see a variety of applications running across almost all mobile devices and operating systems in the near future.

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