October 30, 2010

WAP Sites and iPhone Apps for US and UK Clients, courtesy Web Spiders

At the end of a busy fortnight, Web Spiders had a couple of WAP sites and an iPhone application to their credit.

The first WAP site, built on the ecent2mobile platform, is for a reputed UK client, IPExpo.  IP Expo is the UK’s largest end-to-end IT infrastructure event (held at Earls Court 2, London on October 20 and 21, 2010) which offers a great opportunity to see all the latest technology in one place at one time. Visitors and participants can look forward to a very rewarding experience that involves learning about IP Networks, Virtualization, Cloud, Wireless, Storage technologies, and finding out how they all connect together.

The second WAP site and accompanying iPhone app was for Ektron Synergy, a US client. The app has already been uploaded to iStore and is currently awaiting approval. The WAP site is being made available at the time of writing this.

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