Want to Enhance Customer Experience with AI-bots? The Future Lies in Advanced NLP

March 13, 2019

Want to Enhance Customer Experience with AI-bots? The Future Lies in Advanced NLP

AI-powered Chatbots & Voicebots

Until a few years back it was hard to believe that we could hold conversations in human language with machines. Today, things have changed. Now, we can hold meaningful conversations with chatbots and voicebots. By harnessing AI or ‘artificial intelligence’, we’re able to enhance the performances of chatbots and voicebots so that, the latter can hold intelligent conversations like humans. NLP or ‘natural language processing’ is a subset of AI. With the help of NLP, machines can understand human language. Let’s know more about it in the following para.

Biggest Challenges for NLP

When we interact with machines, the latter match our conversations with trained queries and offer solutions accordingly. Untrained queries are handled by human assistants. The biggest challenges for NLP are to detect differences in dialect, cadence, and sequences and combinations of words in human conversations. In 2019, it is expected that NLP will reach a level of excellence where it will help machines to understand human conversations and enhance the performances of AI-powered chatbots and voicebots.

How to Leverage Advancements in NLP

Business owners like you can capitalize on the advancements in NLP to offer better customer services and many more to buyers via, AI-powered chatbots and voicebots. AI-bots can analyze data gathered from past conversations and offer personalized services like giving suggestions to customers on what to buy etc. Here’s all you should know about how advancements in NLP can help you enhance customer experience.

1- Prioritize actions

Set the Priority

According to a survey report, different people could only agree 60-65% of the times when they analyze sentiment for a particular piece of text. Sentiment analysis is deeply influenced by personal views, and experiences. Hence, we can understand how hard it is for machines to process natural language and analyze human sentiments.

Advancements in NLP can help chatbots to prioritize actions based on sentiment analysis, for example, which action is higher in priority: to serve a fuming customer or to serve the one who’s sent a subtle ‘thanks’? Of course, the first one. With the help of advancements in NLP, chatbots can also filter unread mentions according to positivity and negativity, and act accordingly.

2- Offer hyper-personalized recommendations

Hyper-personalized Recommendations

Let’s compare these 2 conversations: Conversation 1 “Hello. Thanks for visiting our website and holding conversations with us.” Conversation 2 “Good morning, Kate. I see that you’re a Platinum Club member since 2015, and have stayed in our hotel in Las Vegas, every year around this time. Do you want to reserve a deluxe bedroom for 2 people, as you’ve done in the past, or do you want to reserve a sea facing suite? If so, you can utilize your loyalty points and book a suite at exciting discount offers.”

A customer will obviously go with the second option. According to Accenture, 41% of consumers in the US have changed companies because of the lack of personalized services and trust. Advancements in NLP will help machines to learn more about the personalities of customers so that they can offer hyper-personalized recommendations.

3- Hold meaningful conversations

Voice Search

Big brands like Amazon are heavily investing in R&D to develop smart equipment like mobile devices with integrated voice recognition techniques. Advancements in NLP will enable voice assistant devices to recognize cadence, and correctly predict the sentiments of customers to hold meaningful conversations. On the basis of survey reports, we can say that by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches, and by 2022, 55% of all households in the US will own smart speaker devices. Hence, in the coming days, voicebots will play crucial roles in offering customer services. Advancements in NLP will help voicebots to analyze data and hold intelligent conversations with customers.

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