April 28, 2010

Top iPhone Apps to Boost Productivity

Here is a list of some smart iPhone apps to help increase your productivity and efficiency:

Simplenote – As the name suggests, it is a simple note taking app on your iPhone. It is a great substitute for the built-in Notes app that comes with the iPhone . Simplenote has the ability to synchronize your notes so that they are accessible from any web browser. If you are a Mac OS X user, you can even make use of a dashboard widget to access your notes through this app.

Pastebot – Pastebot is simply a clipboard manager for your iPhone or iPod touch. It saves a history of text, photos, links and other information that you copy on your iPhone so that it can be retrieved later. The retrieved data can then either be pasted into other applications or saved to your photo library, in case of photos.

iTeleport Jaadu VNC – With this app, you can enjoy full control of your computer’s mouse and keyboard with a rich visual display of your computer screen on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It has been widely accepted due to its great performance and consistency with several computer configurations.

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