August 24, 2010

Top 9 Modules to Streamline Your Drupal Site's User Experience

You do not want your Drupal site’s users to get lost in a myriad of long forms, fieldsets, page redirects, and confusing tagging. You want to do everything you can to make navigating your site and completing frequent routine tasks as painless as possible for the end user. This will keep them calm and give them warm fuzzies to know that they can use your Drupal site with ease without having to pop a Valium just to endure the overwhelming experience of encountering your site.

When you have relaxed, confident and in-control users – you have happy customers which can translate into more traffic, more sales, more word-of-mouth about your website!

Now that sounds good doesn’t it?

Here are nine sure-fire modules to ensure users aren’t selecting the “nightmare” button when interacting with your Drupal site.

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