Top 5 ways in which Retailers are Using Voice Bots to Delight Online Customers

November 26, 2018

Top 5 ways in which Retailers are Using Voice Bots to Delight Online Customers

Alexa Stand used by BullringAccording to surveys conducted by online software services provider Narvar, 24% of online buyers use voice-activated virtual assistants or voice bots on their mobile devices. The same report suggests that 8% of online buyers use voice-activated devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The advent of Alexa voice bot in mobile devices
Earlier, Amazon came up with Alexa voice-activated virtual assistant for cars, refrigerators, TVs, lamps and thermostats. Now mobile users, too, can use this voice-assistant by downloading Alexa app.

Online buyers can ask Alexa voice bot app if Prime-eligible products are available or not. Buyers can also ask Alexa to cancel or confirm orders.

So, how can voice bots create an integrated and delightful experience for online users? We’re going to discuss top 5 ways.

1: Rapid responses: Verbal communication is less time consuming than textual interactions (an advantage over chatbots). You just have to utter, “Reorder paper towels.” (or something like this), and voice bot will reorder it from your pre-order list.

2: Ease of use: From finding the right stuff, booking them, tracking orders or canceling them; buyers can do everything with voice bots. If we take the example of Alexa, we’ll see a microphone icon over the search bar, in the top right corner. To access the features of Amazon shopping app, all it needs is to put a magical tap on the mic icon and voila!

Buyers can also stream music and order Alexa to read Kindle books.

3: Create shopping lists: Alexa users can easily create to-do lists comprising of significant meeting dates or family dates. Likewise, they can prepare shopping lists. When they use the voice bot to create shopping lists, it speeds up tasks like future discovery of products.

4: Shoppers love innovations: In a way, voice bots act as alluring ads which arouse curiosity in buyers. People love to engage with brands in innovative ways. Many businesses are using voice bots to create brand awareness. This method is producing a delightful, integrated and rich customer experience.

5: Create conversational intimacy: Text chatting has its limitations. Verbal communication can establish a long-lasting intimacy with people. AI-enabled voice assistants are real-time services. They are personal in approach and hence have better customer engagement. Retailers can use them for better customer acquisition.

In March 2018, OC&C Strategy Consultants published a survey report which concluded that smart voice assistants have become more prevalent in homes.

In the last 5 years, the voice-activated device industry has witnessed a sharp rise.

The report also predicted that by 2022, purchases with the aid of voice-activated devices and voice apps could reach $40 billion.

According to a survey report conducted by Google Home, about 52% of participants have shown interests to receive brand promotion information and special deal announcements from product sellers and service providers.

Lucrative business opportunities for brands

Voice-activated assistants are building more opportunities for marketers and brands so that they can directly pitch their goods and services to buyers. Those who want to enhance their business opportunities with the aid of voice bots can write to us, get a free demo and reach business targets.


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