April 16, 2010

Tools from Google to Build An Online Storefront

A comprehensive online product listing, search engine optimization and secure payment processing are quintessential to the success of an online customer service portal. In the process of enhancing the web presence of your enterprise, you should consider some basic services provided by Google that can boost your online profile at a minimal or zero cost.

Start With Your Small Business Listing – If you own a small business and have a closely knit community, the first step you can take to boost your online search presence is to add a free map-based listing at Google Local Listings.

Use Google Product Search – The search engine for products has merged into Google Base, which is newly amalgamated into a system called Google Merchant Center. Within Google Merchant Center, online sellers can upload and manage the listings for products to make them appear in Google AdWords and Product Search.

Use Google Checkout – Google Checkout has been gaining popularity as a trusted payment processer. For a retailer, Google Checkout’s fee structure is quite similar to those of PayPal, as they are inversely proportional to a merchant’s monthly volume of sales: The higher your online gross monthly  sale, the lower your percentage rate falls. This serves your purpose at a minimal cost.

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