May 06, 2010

Tips to Make Your Mobile Website Search Optimized

Optimizing your mobile website to rank in mobile search is a challenging task as the first page displays only about six results. So, it is important for your site to rank in the top list in order to be visible to mobile clients. Here are some tips to optimize your mobile website:

Optimize the server

You can make some changes to your website (using Windows and Internet Information Server or Linux and Apache) in order to improve the user experience for mobile users. Windows Mobile web browsers have the innate ability to receive compressed content from a web server via HTML. It is necessary to permit this compression in order to avail the benefit of the reduced bandwidth to transmit client data. This is a good technique that works well for both mobile and desktop users, thus maximising the communication links of your enterprise.

Optimize the website

It is a good practice to create a separate website for mobile users as it enables easy navigation and enhances user experience. This can be done simply by creating another host name such as “”. These days a special domain name called .MOBI is offered by the internet that is specifically designated for mobile users. You can use javascript to determine the header information for Windows Mobile devices to redirect your clients to the appropriate website.

Optimize the content

It is important to realise the design limitations of mobile websites before your furnish your content. The prime difference lies in the screen resolution. The usual resolution for Windows Mobile devices is 320×240, though there are some larger ones in the market too. So, the HTML content has to be smaller to avoid horizontal scrolling. It is advisable to use 220 pixels for the design without much scope for side navigation. Moreover, the use of graphics should be done in a calculative manner so that all the graphics are sized properly to fit the screen. Designers should make prudent use of colors as the site would be accessed in a bright and dim lighting combination of the mobile device.

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