August 22, 2011

The Spiders Family United - Our First Town Hall Meeting

The Web Spiders family organized its first ever Town Hall Meeting on last Saturday, 20th August, 2011. Held at the Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership, in Salt Lake City, Kolkata, the event brought together employees from both the two Kolkata units under one roof after a long time. Even our Bangalore unit was represented. While members of the UK unit could not join us live, a video message filled the gap somewhat.

The Town Hall Meeting began with Web Spiders’ CEO Mr. Siddharth Jhunjhunwala’s eloquent keynote session, on the growing popularity of mobile devices and the rapidly increasing demand for mobility in every sphere of the software space.  After Sid, it was Web Spiders VP Mrs. Satarupa Sen’s session. She focused on the strengths of our company and how success can be achieved through quality work and perseverance. It is a rare pleasure to hear a true leader talk about leadership and that is what the entire team experienced during her presentation. This was followed by a unique Q/A session, where a panel consisting of Sid himself as well as representatives from various departments answered questions from the audience. The session was informative, but fun and casual, more like a family discussion than anything else.

What followed was an absolutely CAPTIVATING session by motivational speaker Mr. Asit Ghosh. Through real-life examples and quotes plucked from diverse sources, he showed the audience how true success comes not from knowledge, but wisdom. An energetic and powerful speech was an eye opener for many in the audience.

With Mr. Ghosh’s session still fresh in our minds, it was time for a different kind of inspiration. Mr. Mamoon Akhtar is a living example of how a single man with limited resources can become a life-changer for hundreds. A resident of one of Kolkata’s most underdeveloped areas, Mr. Akhtar is a man who himself initially couldn’t study beyond the seventh standard. However, with indomitable will and persistence he set up his own school which now has over eight hundred students. Emotions ran high as many in the audience was moved to tears by this simple man and his gigantic achievements. His speech was a rousing success that emphasized on the importance of giving back.

Mouthwatering delicacies served at lunch was the icing on the cake, before the Spiders departed from the Suresh Neotia Centre of Excellence for Leadership. This town hall meeting was the first of many such events to bring the entire family under one roof and make us feel as one. It was a morning of mingling and motivation and an experience not soon to be forgotten!

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