The Key to Increasing Online Conversions? Take it Offline.

November 21, 2018

The Key to Increasing Online Conversions? Take it Offline.

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eCommerce has changed the way people shop globally. However, eCommerce conversion rate is below 5%. ZOE O2O (Online-to-Offline) can help bridge the gap between online and offline marketplaces in the following ways:

1. Tailored marketing techniques

Enhanced customer experience always ensures a higher rate of conversion. WS chatbot powered by ZOE is capable of holding conversations like a human sales representative. It collects customer data, fetches it to CRM and follows up with ZOE email marketing platform.

Using multiple marketing techniques and tools one can convince consumers to visit stores and make purchases. For example, ZOE email marketing platform engages successfully captured leads via polite and personalized follow-up emails. The AI-enabled email marketing platform knows when to back-off.

2. Reach new customers

Businesses which have both online and offline presences have an arguably wider audience base. ZOE O2O marketing strategies capitalize on both presences and drive in enhanced sales. Prospective new customer leads are captured via web stores, mobile apps, chatbot, Facebook, Instagram and Google search.

3. Stay ahead of competitors

It has been noticed that integration of online and offline marketing strategies often see good returns. Contrary to this, competitors who keep separate marketing strategies for their online and offline presences, lag behind. ZOE O2O ensures that businesses having both online and offline presences don’t miss out the opportunity.

It has been estimated that by 2020, more than 80% of purchases will take place in physical stores. Hence, convergence between two presences is absolutely necessary.

4. ZOE O2O analytics reports

WS chatbot analytics reports can offer ideas about commonly used search terms called keywords. Chatbot analytics reports can also help in sentiment analysis of customers.

Tracking and reporting on ZOE email campaigns can offer insights on delivery rates, open rates and click-through rates.

Data like whether or not one is owning a healthy subscription list, or, whether or not email receivers are opening emails and reading them can help marketers take further decisions. Similarly, analytics reports on click-through rates offer insights to marketers on the success/failure of their marketing strategies.

5. Multi-channel integration

Consumers can click-on short links integrated and exposed by ZOE O2O. The later enables marketers to integrate short links on multiple channels like Facebook, Instagram, websites, mobile devices, mobile apps, chatbots and web stores.

When users click upon the short links, they’re redirected to store inventories. Unlike eCommerce marketplaces which have virtual inventories, O2O platforms expose users to physical inventories where they get an exact view of products list.

Mobile devices drive in offline sales. About three-quarters of organic searches are conducted on mobile devices with an intent to visit local stores and make offline purchases. Chatbot platform powered by ZOE can capture prospective leads and forward the list to ZOE email marketing platform for starting productive follow-up campaigns.

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