April 14, 2010

The Google-Adobe Nexus Comes To an End

Adobe bet big on its OSP partners, especially on Google, for its huge success. Google recently showed the demo of Adobe Flash on the Nexus one at Mobile World Congress. Adobe, as a part of its business strategy is banking on the Android technology to deploy Flash into smart phones. Recent developments however show that Adobe is competing with Google in some strategic areas.

Adobe acquired Omniture (with USD 1.8 Billion) to compete with Google Analytics and to get a fair share of ‘paid search’ market. Adobe’s Photoshop.com which facilitates online sharing and editing of photos has gained immense popularity. Google similarly has acquired ‘Picnik’, which deals with image editing. These two companies are also rivals in other online services like document sharing and web conferencing. Google also backs HTML5 which is a competition for Flash. YouTube owned by Google has launched HTML5 version which can make flash player redundant. The competition is getting stronger by the day between this two IT behemoth.

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