April 09, 2010

The Google-Adobe Collaboration - A Boon to Open Source?

Google’s kinship with Adobe is one of the recent hyped up talks in the tech world. Blog posts at Google and Adobe establishing that Flash is in the process of being integrated with Chrome have created quite a stir.

The two digital giants had been in a converging mien since some time. Provisions for importing Flash into Google Android have been trailing in the air since 2008.

Notably, Adobe has walked some steps down the open source path as its kinship with Google increased. It was reported that two Flash platforms went open source and Adobe is to adopt next generation Web standards.

The prevailing fact is that Adobe is still proprietary while open source continues to be Google’s gospel. The question that intrigues experts at the moment is whether the two tech giants will be able to share a technology home without intruding into each other’s theorem?

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