The Difference Between Conversational AI and Traditional Email Marketing? It’s Personal!

May 12, 2018

The Difference Between Conversational AI and Traditional Email Marketing? It’s Personal!

Conversational AI-powered Sales Assistant

According to Statista, 2017 was a milestone year for email! With over 3.7 billion users, it surpasses the use of social media. This figure is expected to go upto 4.3 billion by 2022.

The report also says that the more emails are sent by enterprises than individuals. Obviously, this means that emails are still the de facto mode of business communication. Now the question is, how can enterprises go above and beyond traditional emails and do better. The answer, like the answer to a whole lot of questions in business these days, seems to be AI.

So far, email marketing, has depended on CRM tools that send bulk emails. Unfortunately, these mass emails mostly languish in spam folders before being dutifully deleted. Let’s face it, an email campaign that gets more than 3% clicks is a good one.

AI, for a more Personal Campaign

Zoe is our full life-cycle Enterprise Lead Engagement software robot. It is powered by an AI engine that ensures every single email that you send to your prospects is personalised. It doesn’t matter if it’s a list of hundreds, thousands, or hundreds of thousands, each prospect gets the same amount of personal attention from Zoe – 100%

AI Sales Assistant

How does she do it? Using a mix of AI and human training, with a hefty dose of NLP technology. Zoe divides leads into categories based on their location, source, type, demography, and a number of other factors. Then, the AI engine selects the best tone, cadence and even small talk to appeal to that specific prospect. Then, Zoe continues to follow up politely until there is a response, or it becomes clear that there will be none.

Zoe helps you achieve:

1. Personalization at scale. Which means no more impersonal mass mails. The AI engine ‘understands’ lead responses with telltale keywords just like your human sales rep.
2. Revitalize leads from different sources. Gives your old data a beat, follows-up immediately and persistently.
3. Increased work time. According to a study by Sales for Life, sales reps’ average 94.4% daily activities, include 36.2 emails, 35.9 phone calls, 15.3 voicemail messages, and 7.0 social media touches. With most of this grunt work sorted, your sales team gets more time to brainstorm and do some real sales.

ZOE uses advanced AI algorithms and conversation intelligence to give your teams unprecedented leverage in understanding customer needs and sentiments. Some of the things she can do include getting detailed profiles of prospects from email and anonymous IP Traffic, integrate smoothly with Salesforce and other CRMs and provide data encryption at rest, in transit, and on device, ensuring Enterprise Grade Security.

All the personal attention of a human sales rep, and none of the strain on resources. This lets your sales team do what they do best – focus on creating truly innovative campaign strategies, even as Zoe handles the grunt work of lead engagement, setting up meetings only when a lead is hot.

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