The constantly changing digital world – How to communicate with clients

May 12, 2016

The constantly changing digital world - How to communicate with clients

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Everything changes. The day. Time. We. So how can expect digital to continue to be the same?

When talking to clients in the past decade and half, I have seen their problems shift. From the lack of online presence (circa 2000 to 2005), clients are moving to leads, growth, reputation management, competition, sales and so on. So the single pronged problems have now become multi-pronged. Thus the solutions for them also need to change. As a digital servicing company, Web Spiders approach to a potential or existing account also needs to go from technology first, to solutions first. So, the next time you are talking to a client, think how you can recommend practical workarounds to issues rather than pure tech ones. Keep in mind that business does not change to suit technology; technology has to fit around business processes. Of course, technology improves business processes and enhances efficiency and that should be the next thought when proposing any solution to a client. So, the next time we talk to a client – let’s listen, and give solutions that can help alleviate genuine problems within the system instead of boggling them with tech terms and heavy documentation, which means little to them.

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