The Black Hole at Workplaces

May 16, 2016

The Black Hole at Workplaces

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One of the biggest issue with organization productivity is easily something I call the black hole. And we all contribute to it in some way. I am obviously not referring to the scientific black hole, but a more figurative one which basically revolves around the tasks that we have in our day to day work lives and what becomes of them.

Let me illustrate by example. Person A asks Person B to do a task. Person B notes, but promptly forgets or does a part of it and then forgets not just to do the task but also to provide a response back to the Person A. The nature of this task is unlikely to be critical and just does not feature high on the follow up list for Person A. However, had the task been done, it would have some long lasting impact on the overall productivity or similar aspect of work. Now, Person A might not follow up on this element with Person B for almost as long as 8 weeks. In that time, the unfinished task languishes in the black hole. You get it right?

I have seen many such tasks land in the black hole and it got me thinking on how we can make sure that the black hole exists only in its scientific version and not in the workspace? It’s easy to not leave stuff there. Just follow through the tasks you have, use an online scheduling tool, post-its, note pads what ever works for you and get it done.

And one more thing, getting it done does not mean sending out an email to the universe. Getting it done is when the matter is closed with the desired results.

Here’s to getting together to get rid of the black hole and hoping that this task makes it out of there.

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