October 28, 2010

The Android Rises

Ok, so Apple just passed RIM in terms of global sales. It’s been some time coming now, and the dominance of the iOS platform has shocked a grand total of nobody worldwide. However, what about those poor souls who don’t really want a ticket to Apple’s walled garden? Well, there’s this little thing running around that may have caught your attention, another mobile OS that goes by the name Android.

Jokes apart, Android is a legitimate option for those who just don’t want the Apple ecosystem, for whatever reason. Android is stable, good looking and has enough apps to keep even the most hardcore power users satisfied. And people are taking notice. The rise of Android over the past year has been phenomenal. In terms of worldwide market share, Android is running on 16% of all smartphones out there. Seven out of the top ten most popular smartphones run Google’s mobile OS. And market acceptance has seen a sharp spike since June 2009, right after the release of version 1.5 (cupcake). From only 5% of people who were planning on buying a smartphone saying they would consider Android a little more than a year ago, the figure has now jumped to 30%.

So what’s next for the little OS that could? Well, if we are to go by what analysts are saying, Android will be one of the two largest mobile OSs by 2014, eclipsed only by Symbian, and that too nominally.  The age of the Android has arrived, and even through Windows Mobile 7 is winning rave reviews all over, the next great technology war has already begun, and it’s iOS vs Android.

To know more about the Android OS, check out this fantastic infographic by GigaOM

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