May 08, 2010

Stay Connected With Mobile Computing

Mobile computing can make you more collaborative and connected in this fast moving world. You need to access and manage a lot of information on the go. Mobile devices and applications can enhance productivity in your business to a great extent. Here are some ways:

Web conferencing: Web conferencing is one of the vital tools used for corporate communications. It has made life simple by allowing mass participations in conferences and web meetings from any location. You can now join a sales presentation just by logging on via your iPad on the train, or demonstrate your product to a client at a remote location right from your house.

Cloud computing: Content in the cloud is a powerful resource.  It optimizes cost, usability and efficiency and convenient accessibility. And in most cases, the mobile experience can be more appealing than its desktop counterpart.

Remote application access: Now you can enjoy complete access to your computer from your mobile regardless of your current location. Both Logmein and Gotomypc support mobile clients where you can access your computer remotely from any network.

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