May 11, 2007

Sophisticated One-Step Shopping Carts for Increased ROI

Customer defection has been a major issue for online realtors from the beginning of eCommerce. Imagine shopping in a offline retail store, filling your cart with merchandise, then leaving it all behind at the check out counter. Certainly this does occur for instance, if the lines at the cash register are too long. However, I am sure the percentage of offline abandonment is very low. As a consumer, you have invested your time already to driving to the store, parking your car, making your selections. However, in the online environment, there is a higher sense of urgency and changing one’s mind is only a back-button away.

One reason that nearly 60% of online shoppers abandon their online purchases, according to a MarketingSherpa study, is the complexity in the shopping cart check out process. Most of us have experienced the 3-5 page check out process. We have seen one that extending into a nine (9) step check out! You really must want this product to put up with nine screens! Imagine having a four step checkout in your local supermarket or shoe store, where you move from counter to counter to make and complete your purchase. That retailer will be out of business within days. From this same MarketingSherpa study, 27% of respondents said they abandoned their cart because they did not have enough time to complete the purchase. So how come online shopping carts are not savvy and sophisticated enough to get their process to one step? They are – the one step shopping cart are showing up on web sites that want to enhance their online sales ROI. Add Flex2 / Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and you have a very sophisticated, highly intuitive and efficient shopping cart. A one step shopping cart will greatly enhance the visitors experience with your web site, increasing conversions and enhancing your brand and reputation. At Web Spiders, we have endorsed the one step Flex/RIA shopping cart for our clients. View our One Step Shopping Cart demo and contact us today to see how we can be of service to your organizations online eCommerce business.   

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