Some Amazing HTML5 Demos

December 29, 2010

Some Amazing HTML5 Demos

You’d think that the big three of the tech world disagree with each other simply as a matter of principle, but there is ONE thing Apple, Google and Microsoft seem to agree on. And that great unifier happens to be HTML5. In spite of the fact that Microsoft has its own rather robust RIA platform in Silverlight, they have thrown their weight behind HTML5 to the extent of Dean Hachamovitch, the general manager for IE, blogging that “The future of the web is HTML5”.

So can this new technology really worth the hype? Well, we think so, but just to prove how dynamic and smooth HTML5 can be, here are some awesome HTML 5 demos to turn doubters into believers.

Ball Pool: Click on the screen to turn on a veritable faucet of balls. Drag them around individually. A really great example of how smooth and flexible HTML5 can be.

JS Fireworks: Fireworks spell out whatever you want them to on a night sky. Control the speed and radius. Send a cracker of a message to anyone.

Google Gravity: This demo was created for people who believe that Google doesn’t crash frequently enough (by gabriella). The most amazing part? Even when lying in a heap at the bottom of the page, all the elements are active.

Cloth Simulation: A simple simulation but hypnotic. Really shows off the power of HTML5

Canvas Nebula: An oddly beautiful simulation of the Nebula effect using HTML5

CanvasMol: Defined as an “interactive 3D molecule viewer in HTML”, this is brilliant even for people who don’t understand a lick about molecular structure.

Sinuous: Dodge the red dots in this incredibly addictive game. It’s simple but gets challenging rather quickly.

Canopy: A fractal zoomer taking you through an infinite chain of sinuous branches on a black background

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