Social Media Tool Review: ThoughtBuzz

January 05, 2015

Social Media Tool Review: ThoughtBuzz


ThoughtBuzz is a social media company based in Singapore that helps clients understand social media and have fun along the way. 100+ brands use Thoughtbuzz to act on the latest trends and sentiments on social media. Here are some of its unique features that can help your business:

1. Influencer identification: Identifying influencers is one of the most critical aspects of a successful social media campaign. Influencers add credibility to your brand, promote word-of-mouth marketing and help to engage your niche audience. ThoughtBuzz lets you search for the biggest brand advocates and the harshest critics.

2. Mobile optimization: ThoughtBuzz is fully mobile optimized, which means that you don’t have to carry your laptop all the time to see how the social media accounts are performing.

3. Cross-platform analytics: Do you run campaigns on different social media platforms and want to measure the results? ThoughtBuzz provides a single dashboard from where you can measure and compare fan growth, engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

4. Competitor benchmarking: Curious to know how you are performing in comparison to your competitors? Simply provide the URLs of your social media accounts to analyse follower growth, engagement and a host of other metrics as per your industry.

5. Content performance: Eager to know what type of content works best on different social platforms? ThoughtBuzz allows you to fine tune your posts on social networks by providing relevant post metrics.

6. Instagram analytics: ThoughtBuzz allows you to connect your Instagram account and sort top photos by likes, comments and follower growth.

ThoughtBuzz is a comprehensive social media analytics platform that lets you monitor, measure, analyse and reinvent your brand’s social media strategy. It is easy to navigate and offers a free basic plan as well as flexible pricing options for brands of all sizes.

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