Social Media Tool Review: LikeAlyzer

October 06, 2014

Social Media Tool Review: LikeAlyzer

Likealyzer Social Media Tool

Do you want to analyse the performance of your brand on Facebook and improve your social media strategy? LikeAlyzer is a great social media tool that provides useful insights and suggestions to expand your reach and engagement.

Here’s how LikeAlyzer can benefit your brand:

1. Simple, Fast and Free – LikeAlyzer is a free third party tool that assesses your page. No need to sign up. Just type in the URL.

2. Strategy Improvisation – LikeAlyzer provides useful insight and feedback after evaluating your current page strategy, pointing out any mistake. It also provides suggestions to help increase engagement.

3. Instant Analytics – The higher your page scores on LikeAlyzer, the better is your social media strategy. It shows statistics like number of active members, page views, percentage of daily, weekly posts, post types, etc.

4. Page Comparison – LikeAlyzer benchmarks your page with those of your competitors. These metrics help you promote your page better.

5. Toplist Page Suggestion – LikeAlyzer displays a list of pages with highest scores and analyses the reasons for that. You can utilize these insights in future campaigns.

LikeAlyzer is ideal for online marketers and digital media strategists who want to make the right kind of noise on social media sites and expand their fan bases.

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