September 20, 2007

Web Spiders - Sleepless in Seattle!


Sleepless in Seattle...

At the 360|Flex conference in Seattle, where Adobe personnel, Flex programmers and Web Developers from around the world had gathered for a 3-day conference, Jeffry Houser from The Flex Show raided the sponsor room and interviewed Sid and Stephen for a podcast. A lively discussion followed, given the very impromptu nature of the chat.

In the podcast, Stephen speaks about how outsourcing is a valuable option for developers, agencies and clients, especially when they find that Flex resources are scarce or unavailable. Web Spiders is the largest outsourced RIA/Flex Company, which allows us to create high powered teams quickly, with no loss in quality or downtime.

To listen to the podcast, click here.

You can visit Web Spiders to learn more about Flex Development, AJAX Development and Global IT Outsourcing.

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