February 25, 2010

Simplifying Trips With Utility Travel Apps

Travel applications created for the Blackberry or Apple iPhone make things so much easier for those out travelling. Simplicity is the beau idéal for a good travel app. An easy to use interface which displays facts in a clear, precise manner is what defines the best travel apps. Smartphone apps play the part of a personal assistant for business travelers as they maintain schedules of flight times, meetings, reservations, etc. Such apps are pre-programmed in order to render constant communication and provide pertinent information.

Some of the most popular travel apps are as follows –

Metro Transportation apps: When you key in a particular address the application will fetch you the closest station from where you can avail transport. A route will also be mapped out by the trip planner and any diversions or cancellations of services will be indicated to you as the apps get constantly updated.

Navigation apps: This is the most popular form of a travel app and moving around large cities becomes convenient when you have a GPS device at hand.

Universal Translator apps: Translation of words, phrases, menus, road signals, directions, and so on is very essential while travelling to a place where language may pose a barrier. The new Google Goggles also translates text from photos through Google Translate.

Currency Exchange apps: Make your dining and shopping experience tension-free with currency conversion apps on your smartphone. Such apps have a calculator which will alert you if you seem to be crossing your budget.

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