November 21, 2011

Should You Consider Offering Game Apps For Free On The iTunes Web Store?

Did you know that in June 2011, 65% of the revenue generated by the iTunes store from game apps did not come from the paid titles, but rather the ‘freemium’ ones? Quite surprising, isn’t it? However, if you consider the money earned by the game developers from the ads placed within those games, then suddenly it does not sound that odd. In fact, as time progresses, this can be expected to be a very viable tactic for making money through the app store.

Why not use this tactic to make good money from iTunes app store, especially if you happen to know a reputed  iPhone application developer? Get in touch with them and get a game app built, which you can upload to the app store. Put the name and logo of your business on those apps, and you can be rest assured those will be viewed by users, who happen to use the app.

As long as you offer the app for free, you can expect it to be downloaded pretty often, and for more and more people to see the ads. If a decent percentage of those viewers visit the your business website, you can hope to attract quite a good number of new clients/customers to your business. Keep doing this for some months, and you should start seeing a positive change to your profit margins.

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