SEO New Year Resolutions for 2015: Get Rid of the Bad Habits of 2014

January 28, 2015

SEO New Year Resolutions for 2015: Get Rid of the Bad Habits of 2014

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SEO best practices are constantly evolving! So, it’s difficult to keep a tab of what’s true and what’s a myth. Let us take a peek at the common SEO myths of 2014, so that you don’t waste time on SEO strategies which don’t matter, in 2015. Here are some of the myths you should particularly watch out for.

Google Authorship can increase clickthrough rates and search visibility

For the last several years, we’ve been touting the significance of getting Google Authorship on blogs. But, you can totally forget about the program, as it doesn’t exist any longer.

I should submit my site to Google to increase search results

No, you shouldn’t! Google crawlers automatically find your site once it is published. So, you needn’t ‘tell’ Google about your site.

Good SEO rank makes the difference

Not really! Ranking does not guarantee success. It has been seen that searchers favour the top search results, not only on page one of Google search, but the top results on subsequent pages as well. Often, the search results below the top three listings show maximum clickthrough rates. So, as long as you have good conversion and clickthrough rates, everything is fine.

Homepage must have lots of content

Visualise it! Doesn’t it seem too cluttered? Your website’s homepage should tell visitors who you are, what you do, where you’re located, and so on, in a manner that doesn’t confuse them.

More web pages lead to better results

A total myth! Your objective should be to publish relevant and quality content. Just because you have increased number of web pages indexed, doesn’t necessarily mean that’ll drive more leads.

Keyword optimisation leads to better SEO results

Google doesn’t necessarily try to match keywords you type with keywords of a web page. Google simply tries to identify the intent behind those keywords you type, so that it can provide you with good quality content.

Meta descriptions boost SEO ranks

It’s time to change your notion. A compelling meta description might increase the clickthrough rate and not necessarily improve the rank of a page.

Now that you know the common SEO myths, why not do away with the bad habits of 2014 and start afresh with revised SEO strategies in 2015? Make this your New Year’s resolution, and this time, stick to it!

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