July 26, 2010

Retro Color Cycling with HTML5

Ok, this is going to evoke some nostalgia.

Remember those old color cycling effects from the 90’s of the last century? It was a common sight in many 8-bit video games of the era that kept us intrigued and amused with very cool (by contemporary standards) color-changing effects by cycling or shifting the color palette. Video cards during then were a far cry from the modern day power-boards. They could, at best, handle up to 256 colors at any given time.

In an attempt to overcome this limitation, deft programmers made this palette to change at will, resulting in a diaspora of colors that was instantaneous, seamless and used virtually no memory.

Feel the retro rush with HTML5. The example you are about to see employs a full 8-bit color cycling engine, rendered into an HTML5 Canvas in real-time.

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