November 20, 2007

Responsive e-learning solutions to assist education


Web Spiders completed this years UK exhibition circuit at the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition (14th – 15th November 2007) in the NEC, Birmingham as the final leg of the “Say no to refresh” tour.

This event provided the ideal showcase on how Web Spiders’ full range of skills can provide a complete elearning solution; from researching/ writing training course material and assessments through to providing an appropriate on-line learning platform for easy administration by the tutor, and interactive responsive experience for the student (using Rich Internet Applications).

Neil Burton, Web Spiders UK & Europe Business Development Manager commented: “We had a good couple of days meeting organisations from various sectors, not just from education establishments, and the specific areas of interest from visitors was varied. Web Spiders Nalanda LMS, eBooks, Web Recruiter, eGames demonstrations were well received and interest in Web Spiders translation services was also pleasing.”

However the real buzz on the stand was around Web Spiders soon to be released social networking platform ‘Snockles’. Snockles Enterprise will be a social networking platform specifically aimed for business use; whether you are logged into Snockles on your desktop, or are offline with mobile phone access, this will keep the communication channels open.

Visitors grasped the concept very quickly and were dreaming up their own uses for Snockles. A few comments below –

“… lecturers could connect with other lecturers when researching or writing a course module for their comments or ideas.”

“… students will use this as a way to quickly find out answers to questions.”


“This could be good for project work; stakeholders are kept aware of any dramatic changes…”

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